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Meteor - Secure, Scalable Uploading to S3 with Slingshot (Video Presentation)


Often times when you first build a file upload tool in Meteor you look towards using a package like CollectionFS GridFS to store files directly in MongoDB. However as more and more files are uploaded it can reduce your database speed to a crawl. A much better solution is a completely client side file upload implementation powered by Slingshot and Amazon S3.

I recently gave a presentation at the Meteor NYC Meetup with my co-presenter Adrian Lanning where we gave a short demo and talked about the functionality of building a secure, scalable uploading tool with Slingshot and S3. Luckily the presentation was recorded so you can watch it below! As always the full source code of the presentation can be found on My Github. Enjoy!

Video Presentation


Those with an existing GridFS implementation or that just want to add a great file upload tool to their Meteor website can contact me below to start a discussion and receive a quote.

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