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Meteor - How to Create a Package


I usually always have to google the steps to create a Meteor package, so I figured I would do a write up for myself that I can reference. I hope this helps anyone else that has trouble creating a meteor package

The Steps

1. Create the package

Open a terminal and navigate to the directory you want to store the package in. Type

meteor create --package atmosphereusername:packagename

2. Create the test application

Enter the following commands. This will create a test app you can use to test your package.

cd packagename
meteor create test-app
cd test-app

3. Create a packages folder for test-app

We need a place to store our new package in our test app

mkdir packages

Now we can link our new package into our test-app, so that any modifications we make to the package will show up in our app.

cd packages
ln -s ../../../packagename ./packagename

5. Add the package

All that’s left is to add the package to our test-app

meteor add atmosphereusername:packagename


That’s it. Now when you run meteor list in your test-app you should see the packagename show up. If you are interested in wrapping a npm package in a Meteor package you can also check out my new tutorial, Meteor - Wrap and Publish a NPM package. Now go write the next awesome meteor package!

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